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Nico Velo Concrete Wine Tanks


NICO VELO is a well-established and prestigious Italian manufacturer of reinforced concrete tanks for wine fermentation and aging, with a full range of shapes and sizes to satisfy every need in the winemaking sector.

The company is situated at the foothills of the Italian Dolomites where Manu spent several summertime vacations. These mountains have always fascinated him for their majestic splendor.  
Nico Velo uses pristine materials such as sand and gravel from the riverbed of the Brenta river and has been making concrete tanks for 70 years proving the quality worldwide. Their concrete tanks are elegant and refined in form, combining technical and aesthetic requirements. 

What is special about the Nico Velo tanks?


  • Nico Velo builds tanks with thick walls and extra reinforcement. It will be worth every penny. Our tanks are  heavy and built to last a very long time.
  • The materials chosen to make a tank suitable for winemaking are indeed important, and Nico Velo has its own proprietary formula. 
  • The accessories are beautiful and functional.
  • Nico Velo patented many years ago the use of thermoregulating pipes embedded in the tank's walls and floor.

Why choose to work with ITek Wine?


  • ITek Wine imports all Nico Velo tank sizes and shapes in North America since 2013 and has established relation ship with crane/rigging companies in several states.
  • The ITek Wine's team is factory trained and will assist you from the consultation phase till your tanks are installed and for the life of the tanks.

Unique Design and personalization

Lots of Options

nico velo concrete tank tulipe pump over sprinkler

Nico Velo offers an impressive line up of concrete tank shapes and sizes. 

All tanks will have 2inch Triclover drain and racking ports with valves, sample valve, bottom manway, top lid with smart drain channel.  

Options include: Pump over fittings and arms, Thermoregulating pipes for glycol to cool/heat, front thermometer, various bases to increase clearance from the floor, Two main surface finishes. 



Pumpover and drain screens. 

Several sizes of top doors, or completely open top. 

Patented Thermoregulation piping imbedded in the walls. 

Concrete stands. 

Let us know what you need!



Nico Velo Tulipe concrete tank

The Tulipe is the most famous Nico Velo tank shape, installed in wineries across the world, built with internal 3% sloped floor or with rounded bottom to be suitable for white wine.

Available from 300gal. (12hl) up to 2,000gal. (75hl). NV can also build it up to 120hl (special shipping requirements apply).


Nico Velo Elegance concrete tank

Space saver yet very functional, the Elegance Truncated pyramid is very cost effective and with a narrow top helps you manage the grape fermenting cap. 

Available from 290gal (11hl) up to 1,188gal. (45hl).


Nico Velo Cube concrete tank

The simplest shape, a quadrangular tank of many sizes and fully customizable. 



Another unique design with this Round and tall Cylindrical tank with long skirt. 



Flacon is designed for white wine.

  • One size only - 158gal. (6hl) 

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