Terracotta Amphora Fermenter

terracotta amphora

Terracotta Amphora from Tuscany for winemaking were used by Ancient civilizations. Now you can re-discover Terracotta Amphora in its modern adaptation. This is the Amphora of 21st Century.

We designed and import Italian made Terracotta Amphorae for wine or beer fermentation and aging in sizes:
80gallons, 105gal, 132gal, 185gal. and 210gal capacities.

We offer various accessories too.

Terracotta amphora

"Why buy an Amphora from ITek Wine?"

Since 2013 ITek's team has experienced first hand the results from fermenting and aging in terracotta of many delicious wines and beers made from: Calfornia, Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia. 

We are not just selling these because they "look cool", but because we believe in their unique impact and have lots of customers with positive feedback to back it up with over 20 grape varietals and the list grows every year.  



"What is so special about this Terracotta?"

The centuries-old world renowned Impruneta clay has a unique blend of natural ingredients found exclusively in this region of Italy. It has a long history of use in the preservation of wine since the Etruscan civilization around 7th century BC. Later on, the Romans abundantly used amphorae for the fermentation and preservation of wine, as can be seen today in the remains of Pompei. 

The artisans making these amphorae use proven methods passed on for generations. 

This Terracotta is considered a neutral vessel that allows for a full expression of flavor and minerality of the grapes.  Wines and beers in clay tend to have a richer and brighter mouthfeel.


Something to consider: 

1- Terracotta clay is primarely made of minerals similar to those found in a vineyard soil, sharing components of wine grapes like iron oxide. The grapevines has been feeding on those elements their whole life in the ground too. Now the grapes feel just like at home during fermentation and aging. The Amphora will exalt your wine's mineral and earthy tones.  

2 - Terracotta allows for natural micro-oxygenation due to the porosity of the walls. This is beneficial for a healthy fermentation and bonding anthocyanin for better color in red wines.

3- It has an extraordinary thermal insulation capacity that will keep cool whats in it by evaporating excess heat. The fermentation will most likely be slightly slower than you may be used to in other materials, steady and without heat spikes. 


2017 Commemorative Amphora traveling around Paso Robles's wineries. This amphora was painted by a local artist inspired by the Sonoma/Napa wild fires of 2017 and sold during our fundraiser to help those victims.

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