Water, at super high Pressure

Caffini Acqua Knife


Acqua Knife is a Revolutionary Patented Weed abatement machine that uses Water at Super High Pressure. 

The machine is made in Italy by Caffini, a company with over 90 years experience in the vineyard and orchard spraying equipment.
Pull behind your tractor the single head Acqua Knife or attach in front the twin heads version, and drive through the vineyard while effectively destroying weeds above ground and damaging their roots, leaving intact the grapevines just using minimal amount of water. 

Acqua Knife is available in single head or Twin head version and with several choices of water tank sizes.

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Acqua Knife TWIN


TWIN heads mounted in front of your tractor are available in four different and adjustable sizes. 

The water tanks available to pull behind you are: 

-600liter mounted on the 3-point

-1,000/1,500/2,000 liter on wheels

Want a Demonstration?


We have been doing demonstrations in Paso Robles - California. Contact us to find out where is the machine now.

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Don't miss Acqua Knife at the annual UC DAVIS Weed Day

Video - Acqua Knife Twin

Check out this great video of the Twin head

Video - Acqua Knife Mono

Testing single head Acqua Knife on York Mountain, Templeton, California

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