What's New?


2019 New Warehouse and office

Construction of our new warehouse and office space in downtown Paso Robles at 1445 Riverside Ave is complete! 

Grand Opening in December! 


Delivery of Concrete Tanks

August 2019 - Force Majeure Winery in Walla Walla receives 3 beautiful Nico Velo Tulipes of 41hl with special exterior finish.


Cooperages Trip #8

July 2019 - We visited the Majestic Troncais forest in France with a group of winemakers from USA, Canada, Argentina and Chile. This was a very fun trip that included exploring Bordeaux and St.Emilion, Beaune and Lyon, stopping at several wineries and vineyards, and learning the process of transforming oak into barrels and tanks.


Visiting our clients

March 2019 - Paso Robles. We concluded a fun week visiting clients in Paso Robles, accompanied by Claire Sylvain and Luis Fernandes. This is how we fine tune barrels to suit your needs.


Barrel Seminar

March 2019 - Niner Craft Winery in Paso Robles. We hosted a barrel seminar with Claire Sylvain and Luis Fernandes who gave a presentation of the Sylvain Family Group of cooperages, and tasted 15 barrel and finished wine samples from France and Paso wineries.

Della Toffola newly released 3D video on the central bladder pneumatic press!

Marc Grenier 40 hl oak tank cuve vinistock fermenter

Delivery of Oak Tanks

October 2018 - Calcareous Vineyards in Paso Robles, CA receives two 40 hl oak tanks from Marc Grenier. These tanks are perfect for both fermenting and aging wine.


Delivery of Concrete Tanks

August 2018 - Hall / Walt Winery in St. Helena, CA receives 10 gorgeous Nico Velo Eiffel of 60hl with full options such as: Temperature control pipes embed in the walls, pumpover screens, special draining collar on top lid.


Delivery of Concrete Tanks

August 2018 - Columbia Crest Winery in Paterson, WA receives 6 amazing Tulipes of 45hl.


Delivery of Concrete Tanks

August 2018 - Doubleback Winery in Walla Walla, WA receives 3 more Tulipes of 37hl.

“I chose Nico Velo for Doubleback and Bledsoe Family Winery wines for the pure elegance and terroir expression that the tanks clearly allowed the wines to show. Initially we purchased two 300 gallon Tulipes, and after we saw the results, we ended up purchasing two additional 300 gallon Tulipes and three 950 gallons Tulipes. I couldn’t have been happier with both the quality of the tanks and of the service and attention to detail from Manu at ITek and his team.” – Josh McDaniels, Winemaker & GM for Doubleback and Bledsoe Family Winery


Delivery of Concrete Tanks

August 2018 - Decant Urban Winery of Houston, TX receives the first 4 Nico Velo concrete tanks in the state!

"Decant Urban Winery has selected the Nico Velo Tulipe tanks due to the beauty of their design and their technical superiority.  By employing concrete tanks, we will produce a higher quality wine on a shorter production cycle.  The micro-oxygenation of the wine via the porous concrete results in a more mature product with better mouth feel and a rounder body than alternative methods.  The ITek team was selected due to their exceptional customer service and rapid responses assisting Decant in making this complex decision which is the foundation of our winery.  Manu Fiorentini’s knowledge of the Nico Velo advantages helped us tailor our tank selection to our unique production challenges in Houston Texas.  " Ron Tucker, GM Decant Urban Winery


UC Davis 2018 Weed day

July 2018 - We successfully demonstrated the Acqua Knife weed abatement machine with 150 attendees at the 62nd UC Davis Weed day as an organic alternative to herbicides in the vineyard.


Crossflow filter delivery

June 2018 - Mission Hill Winery in British Columbia receives training on their new Omnia Lees Crossflow! This machine can filter lees and even regular wine with impressive results.

"I express our gratitude for the comprehensive training provided during the visit of Manu and Joel from Della Toffola.  They are extremely knowledgeable about the machine and the winemaking process.  We are extremely happy with the filter and with the technical support we have received thus far.  We are also very grateful to Manu Fiorentini for the set up, support throughout the purchasing process, and technical expertise.  Thank you, team.

Cheers! " Madeline Whelan, Assistant Winemaker Mission Hill Winery


Crossflow filter delivery

April 2018 - We are happy to have installed a new ceramic crossflow for Sextant Winery in Paso Robles, CA!


2018 WiVi Tradeshow

March 2018 - Thank you for coming to say hello at our Della Toffola booth. See you in 2019!


2018 Cab Collective New Video

The Sylvain Family has sponsored the production of the Paso Robles Cab Collective Video.

New Video Just released of the Della Toffola Ceramic Lees Crossflow. Two are installed in the Central Coast!



January 2018 - New website and fresh new name ITek. We love wine technology and apply it in our daily operations, hence the ITek name.

Caffini Acqua Knife

Acqua Knife by Caffini

March 2018 - We have begun demonstrations in the California Central Coast of this revolutionary machine that pulverizes weeds with super high pressure water. Contact us  for more info.


Its Travel time!

February 2018 - Very exciting travels this season for Manu to Washington state and Oregon, and for Elliot to Southern California and Texas, thank you to all winemakers who received us, we look forward to visiting you and help fine tune your winemaking goals. 


Crossflow filter delivery

January 2018 - We are excited to see the team at San Antonio Paso Robles receive a Della Toffola OMNIA Lees Crossflow as this machine helps reduce waste by filtering lees without any DE! 


Concrete tank delivery

November 2017 - Desparada Winery in Tin City - Paso Robles receives a gorgeous Nico Velo concrete Tulipe, a great addition to their 5 terra-cotta amphorae.


Terra-cotta Wine Tasting and Fundraiser

November 2017 - We held a Fundraiser wine tasting with over 20 brands of wine and beer made in amphorae from our clients in North America and beyond. Artist Anna Gargani painted live an Amphora during the party and we ran a raffle to raise money for the Sonoma Resilience Fund, eventually donating $2,500.

Wine lees ceramic OMNIA crossflow Della Toffola

Delivery of Crossflow filter

August 2017- The Niven Family Winery (aka Orcutt rd Celars) in San Luis Obispo received just in time for harvest a Della Toffola OMNIA Lees crossflow, a great addition to their DT ceramic crossflow purchased in 2016. This machine can concentrate up to 85% solids.

Nico Velo concrete wine tank tulipe

Delivery of Concrete tanks

July 2017 - Le Vieux Pin Winery in British Columbia receives 5 beautiful Nico Velo Tulipes. These are 40HL tanks with glycol pipes embed in the walls.


Cooperage trip #7

June 2017- Amazing 10 days visiting the Tonnellerie Sylvain, Troncais forest, Tonnellerie Meyrieux and Foudrerie Marc Grenier. We also got the chance to tour the catacombs of St.Emilion and spend a day in Lyon.


Its Teaching time!

May 2017 - Manu held a crossflow filtration class at CalPoly for the last year Enology students, and eventually filtered 400gallons to demonstrate how easy it is with a completely automated machine.