Meet the ITEK team

Manu Fiorentini


Founder and CEO

I was born and raised in Italy, and eventually studied in France so I grew up drinking pretty good wines, isn't this enough credential? ;-)

Jokes aside, I owe most of my winemaking knowledge from my talented wife Jordan and I keep learning from my clients because when I am presented a challenge I strive to find a solution and in the process I gain experience.

I have been 16 years in the Wine Industry and worked on all aspects of it. 

I started this company in 2010 when I moved my family to the Central Coast. I am proud of the brands I represent from Italy and France because they make great products from the two countries I grew up in.


Elliot Bonior


Assistant Manager and Filtration Technician

A California Native, I was born on the central coast and have spent the majority of my life here. I have worked on all aspects of Winemaking, from vineyard maturation, to supervising harvest crews in the winery, to final blends and bottling. My love for chemistry and microbiology drove me to apply the experience I had gained for science in college, to a practical matter, what better than fermentation, winemaking and wine remediation.
For the past 8 years, I have worked under some of the most highly regarded winemakers on the central coast of California and also spent a year as an assistant winemaker in Marlborough, New Zealand. Whichever tool you need to produce the best wine possible, we are here to help. I look forward to meeting you!

Samuel Stansbery


Filtration Technician

Fourteen years ago i moved to the pleasant sunny central coast of California to escape the bitter weather of the central U.S. and "try something new." The moment i laid eyes on the vine covered hills and valleys i developed a fascination for the art of winemaking.

  Now after 10 years in the business I have developed an appreciation for the blood, sweat, and tears that go into crafting a fine bottle of wine. 

 Having worked under many different winemakers with a variety of approaches to the artform, including both large scale and small boutique environments from grape to bottle; I feel well equipped to meet your winemaking needs although aren't we all in the never ending process of learning?...

See you soon!

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