Mobile Filtration Services


We provide Mobile Wine Filtration Service for the California Central Coast in Paso Robles, Templeton, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Lompoc

Our arsenal:
-2 Crossflow Filters
-Volatile Acidity reduction
-Tartaric Stabilization

-Reduction of pH in juice and wine

ceramic crossflow filter membranes della toffola

About Ceramic Membranes Crossflows

1-ONE pass, We can filter with with any NTU. Normal crossflows can't process more than 300 NTU. That would normally require you to pre-filter.  

2-Low pressure filtration, under Nitrogen blanketing. This means a gentler push of your wine through the filter membranes, thanks to the completely automated program. We are in no hurry, so lets filter your wine the best way possible. We can set the machine to filter with less than one bar of transmembrane pressure. The machine is constantly keeping the wine under Nitrogen to avoid oxidation.

3-No Wine Color Retention and NO Alcohol loss. This is especially important when filtering white wines and small lots. The Ceramic is inorganic and doesn't absorb any color molecules. It doesn't absorb water either, thus after a wash cycle the machine is ready for the next filtration and there will not be alcohol dilution.


4-Automated Filtration Cycle and Wash Cycle. Our crossflow automatically filters your wine the best way possible, even overnight. We monitor the machine remotely and can intervene If there are any faults recognized by the filter program.  You can go to sleep, we are still working for you.

5-Extremely low wine loss. Both our crossflows can filter over 10,000gallons of wine with only one 17gallons discharge of concentrate. That is an impressive result of less than 0.2% loss!!!

6-Its a Very compact and portable Filter. Its just the foot print of a pallet, on wheels, so we position it in front of your tank. No big trailers taking up space in your winery while you get ready for bottling!

reverse osmosis volatile acidity removal va della toffola

VA Reduction

We operate a Della Toffola Reverse Osmosis Filter with 8 RO membranes capable of an output of 100 to 180 gallons an hour of permeate. We then treat the permeate with three Della Toffola Resin Columns. The resin traps Acetic Acid and the treated permeate is mixed back with the original wine. 

ion exchange tartaric stability automatic della toffola

Tartaric Stability and pH Adjustment

We operate since 2016 the first continuous Tartaric stabilization machine in North America from Della Toffola.   

The machine can process juice or wine straight from your tank with very low pressure at a speed of 500gallons per hour. The liquid gets in contact with special resin that will trap Potassium and in smaller proportions also Calcium and Magnesium. The resulting liquid has a significant reduction in pH on average as low as 2.2pH. 

For Tartaric stability we will treat and recirculate a small portion of your White or Rose' wine making it immediately Cold stable.  

We can make 10,000gallons of wine cold stable in one day.

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